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Elizabeth Berg Streeter did her undergraduate work at Vassar College and received her law degree from Chicago Kent College of Law. Soon after the bar she became the first attorney at the Southern Illinois Student Legal Service. As a founder she was able to mold the program into becoming a vital service and component of campus services. A pro-student office which continues to be an asset for students in legal crisis. Betsey served for many years as an elected member of the Jackson County Board both while Democrats were in the majority and also while her party was in the minority. She was a strong advocate for civil rights and civil liberties both as an elected official and a member of the ACLU and The League of Women Voters. Those who worked with Betsey in her campaigns fondly remember that she gave out small flashlights that read, "Betsey Streeter for Enlightened Government." She was an early member of the NLADA Student Legal Service Section and made many presentations over the years.

The Streeter - Wilson Award is named after these two outstanding Student Legal Services attorneys in honor of their service to students.  Each year at the National Student Legal Services conference we present the Elizabeth Berg Streeter Award to a member (or members) of our organization who have been nominated and, like the award's namesake, show through their service a commitment to social justice and equality, and to the values and objectives of Student Legal Services.

Who Qualifies: Any active attorney or staff member in a Student Legal Services office who exemplifies the above criteria.

Who May Submit Nominations: Any Student Legal Services attorney or staff member, and you may nominate yourself.

The instructions for nominations goes out on our National Student Legal Services listserv each year, please check your email for further instructions on the latest nominations.

Past Recipients:

2003 Mark J. Karon

2004 Steven M. Rogers

2005 Dorothy C. Bernholz

2006 Raymond Shiflett

2007 Pamarah Gerace

2008 Michele L. Leaf

2009 Erik Forsgren

2010 Patricia MacKown

2011 Douglas E. Lewis

2012 Charles J. DiMare & Barbara Boysen

2013 Jo Hardesty & Thomas E. Betz

2014 Carrie Wilson

2015 Carole Grayson

2016 Lynn M. Richards

2017 Ilona Givens

2018 William Dane & Rodney Fleming

2019 Rick Powell

2020 Donald Heilman & Joe Zumbo

2021 Charlon Dewberry

2022 John Connor & Susan Y. Hessee

2023 Ashwin Patel & Stacee E. Williams

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Carrie Wilson graduated from USD law school and became the director of the SLS program at UCSD (where Jon and Mary Ann currently serve the students). She went on to become the Dean of Students at USD law school in San Diego, but she remained active in our organization and was the treasurer of our group for more than 30 years. Carrie regularly attended conferences, participated in the listserve discussions and provided advice, assistance and help to students throughout her career. She was active in this organization until her passing in 2021. The longer-term members of the group know Carrie always had the welcome mat out for anyone who visited San Diego. She was recognized for all her contributions and was a recipient of the Streeter Award in 2014.

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